Top 5 Tips For Surviving Uni

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So today’s post is in collaboration with the amazing Hannah! Go check out her blog centred around lifestyle, fashion, travelling and more!! We set out to come up with 5 top tips for surviving university so if you want to see her tips, go check out her blog too!

1. Have fun, but set your priorities straight

It’s so important to have fun with your uni experience, to make friends and have the best time of your life. After all, you’re only young once. But if getting a great grade is your uni goal then you should balance having fun and concentrating on work. Sure, you can go out a few nights a week but make sure you’re taking a few days or even just two hours a day to focus on your workload.


2. Make sure to get enough sleep

I know going out and partying may be your main priority, but if you reaaallly want to do well in your first year you should try get a decent amount of sleep each night, or those nights that you aren’t out partying. It’s important to keep your energy levels up so you can concentrate throughout lectures.


3. Organisation

Don’t leave your work till the last minute. Unless that’s how you work best, but it’s always good to try do your work a few days before the deadline instead of a hour before it. If you are organised with your work, you will also then have more time to have fun with friends!


4. TRY to eat well

I know in uni it’s tempting to just eat endless amounts of pot noodles but you should at least try to eat some good foods too. Even if just once a week you have some fruit or veg or maybe even try to eat a portion of fruit a day say for breakfast. This will really help you concentrate throughout the day and enable you to focus on your work… but it’s also good to treat yourself at times. Everything in moderation.


5. Skip lectures sometimes

I mean, try your best not too, but if you’re having a sick day or a bad mental health day or you really need to catch up on work, take the day off. As long as you’re doing well in your work and aren’t really struggling, skipping a few lectures in the semester won’t hurt. But, saying that, I think you should always try and catch up with the information that you missed in the lecture that you skipped!


So these have been my top 5 tips for surviving uni, don’t forget to check out Hannah’s blog and I’ll see you in my next post!

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