Glossy Box January


Hey guys,

So, since I didn’t really like Birchbox I decided to look into other subscription boxes and I came across glossybox! I’m so glad I subscribed because I love absolutely everything in the box! So, let’s get on with the post…

Boots – Beauty Beneath Supplements £39.99

I didn’t even know products like this existed to be honest, I didn’t know you could get supplements for your skin! However, these seem to have amazing ingredients such as lycopene, biotin and omegas! Not to mention the capsules are metallic pink and purple!


Evelyn Iona Cosmetics – Green Tea Primer £22

This primer also has amazing ingredients such as avocado oil and green tea and is said to moisturise, reduce the appearance of fine lines and pores and to keep your makeup lasting all day – count me in! It’s also cruelty & paraben free too! I massaged this onto the back of my hand and it made it look so airbrushed and soft, I can’t wait to try it out.


Dr Botanicals – Moroccan Rose Superfood Facial Oil £55

I’ve always wanted to try a facial oil and I was so happy when I opened the box to see one! I’ve been using this ever since it came and it makes my face feel so smooth and doesn’t leave me looking or feeling greasy at all. It has vitamin C & A and oxidants which protect the skin against free radicals!


Nail Medic – Nail and Cutical Energiser £5.99

This nail oil contains plant extracts, eucalyptus, lavender and vitamins in to keep the nails looking strong and hydrated! I recently had acrylics on my nails and instead of being a normal human being and going to get their removed I decided to rip them off so my nails are pretty much ruined so I’m so glad I have something that will help them heal properly!


Apicia – Cream Blush £22

I’ve never really gotten along with cream blush but this is actually really nice! It’s such a nice shade and isn’t TOO pigmented meaning you can build it up to the colour that you desire!


I hope you enjoyed this post, see you soon!

*picture in featured image from glossybox instagram


6 thoughts on “Glossy Box January

    1. Deffo! There’s two or one months worth of supplements I think so I hope I don’t end up liking them or I’ll have to buy more and they’re so expensive! 😂 cx

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