The Power of Bare Skin


Hey guys,

Today I wanted to share with you my secret weapon in allowing myself to feel flawless without any makeup and also talk a little about my own skin issues.

As I’ve mentioned many times my type is combination – I get quite oily in the t-zone and the rest of my face is normal to dry. I usually have LOADS and I mean lots of blackheads on my nose and little tiny bumps too. Before I started up my skincare routine my face used to be so oily and my makeup would literally drip off my face! (gross, I know) But ever since I’ve started to look after my skin more it has never looked better! My t-zone still gets slightly oily and my face sometimes still gets a little dry but its no where near as bad as before!

Taking care of your skin is so so so important for many reasons; prepping the skin for flawless makeup, decreasing the chances of early signs of ageing, reducing the chance of spots and just in general feeling comfortable in your own skin! There is 100% no better feeling than having clean healthy skin, even if your skin isn’t ‘perfect’.


I did write a blog post previously on my skincare routine which will be linked further down in the post and I mentioned the Vanity Planet Ultimate Skin Spa which I absolutely LOVE and has really helped with allowing my skin to be as glowy and healthy as possible! Vanity Planet have now came out with a new and upgraded and better version of the skin spa – the Glow Spin cleansing and exfoliating brush!

I have recently been using this instead of my skin spa and my skin has never felt better. My pores have shrunk (I hope you can see this in the pictures), I don’t get as dry on my cheeks and forehead area and my skin is literally left feeling like a baby’s bum! I also feel like the glow spin enables me to get my skincare out the way quicker as you can easily change the brush head for different skincare steps such as cleansing and exfoliating!


Features of the Glow Spin:

– Three heads; exfoliating brush, daily cleanser and silicone brush

– Includes a case for easy travel

– Spinning heads lift dirt, makeup and sweat from the pores

-Two spinning speeds to choose from!


If you’d like any more information on the glow spin head over to Vanity Planet’s website!

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed! Don’t forget to comment down below what your secret weapon is in your skincare routine!


**this post is not sponsored, no money was made.

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