My Updated Skincare Routine


Hey guys,

I’ve really been into my skincare at the moment so I thought I’d share with you my updated every day skincare routine! I’m not really sure that this is the exact order you are meant to do all of the products so let me know down below if you think differently!

1 – First off I like to remove all of my makeup, I usually use the Simple cleansing wipes. I gently remove my makeup using circular motions making sure I don’t tug on my skin.


2 – I then love to use my Vanity Planet Ultimate Skin Spa System along with the Neutrogena hydro boost foaming cleanser to make sure all of the dirt and oil is removed from my skin. I usually use the silicone brush head because it feels soooo soft on my skin and cleanse for around 2-3 minutes.


3 – After cleansing I go in with serum. My favourite serum is The Body ShopVitamin E serum, it makes my skin feel so hydrated and prepped for moisturiser. If you have any recommendations for good serums please let me know, mine is running out and I’d love to try more!


4 – I then like to either go in with my The Body Shop Vitamin E moisturiser or Kiehl’s ultra facial cream. Both of them leave my skin feeling super hydrated and really plump! If anyone has any recommendations for moisturisers please let me know in the comments, I’d love to try some new ones! I then also use my Botanics organic hydrating eye cream.


5 – After moisturising I love using my Dr. Botanicals Moroccan rose superfood facial oil to add even more moisture to my skin as it is winter and cold so my skin is soooooo dry at the moment.


6 – I finally spritz some of The Body Shop Vitamin C energizing mist because I feel like it really locks in all of the moisture that I just added to my skin and it makes me feel so awake in the morning because it has a really nice citrus fragrance to it YUM.


So this is my skincare routine as of now! I hope you all enjoyed, I hope to see you soon, don’t forget to tell me what products you use every day!


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17 thoughts on “My Updated Skincare Routine

    1. Hahaha I bet your skin still looks lovely though! It looks better than it did before but I still have a lot of work to do to get it back to what it was before I started wearing lots of makeup!! Cx

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      1. That’s good, hahaha no time for makeup when you can have an extra hour in bed! I rarely wear makeup now but when I was like 16 I used to wear makeup every single day and my skin went from looking like a baby’s bum to looking so pore-ish!!! 😦

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      2. Amen to that extra time in bed! I think it’s important to have make-up free days, but it’s also so tempting when your skin is bad to cover it with make-up so it’s a never-ending cycle.

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  1. EVERY time I read a post like this I’m teminded of how badly I need a skin care routine smh cause I do not properly take care of skin at all! Great post hun! I’ve used that make up remover before and it’s pretty good!

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