Colourpop Haul!


Hi guys,

I’ve wanted to buy Colourpop makeup for sooooo long but I live in the UK and didn’t want to pay for shopping AND customs. But, I decided to take the plunge and me and my friend both ordered a load of makeup to reach a total of over $51 (which meant free shipping) and split the customs charge (which was £17??!!).

Ultra Satin Lip – Point Zero

I just loooove this colour. I love cool tone brown shades and this is the perfect colour! It’s also a satin lip which means that it wont dry my lips out too much as well … thank god.

Ultra Glossy Lip – Tight Fit

I’ve never really been into gloss but the past few months I’ve just been obsessing over glossy lips! I love the fact that this is kind of sheer but has some little flecks of glitter in it!

Ultra Glossy Lip – Lay-z

This is just a little darker than tight fit and also has little glitter particles in it!

Lippie Pencil – BFF2

I was in desperate need of a nude/brown-ish lip liner because I am so awful at applying lipstick without one and this was the perfect colour!

Supernova Shadow – Moon Lit

I’ve seen so many people rave about these glitters, so I thought that I would try them out. So many people have compared them to the Stila magnificent metals so I thought I’d try them out both side by side to see whether it really is a dupe.

Medium Shader Brush

I was also in need of a shader brush and I also wanted to test out some Colourpop brushes because they’re sooo cheap and I never really hear anyone talking about them.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed.



8 thoughts on “Colourpop Haul!

  1. That’s such a good idea to split the shipping cost between you and also ensures you buy enough to get free shipping. I can tell that you’re really into brown lipsticks at the moment! Are you more cool or warm toned? I’m cool toned and so I struggle to find darker lipsticks that look good on me because they need a blue base rather than a reddish base. Any suggestions appreciated. xx

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    1. I know!!! I think I might do it again sometime because the makeup is so cheap!!! I’m not really sure, I like both tbh, I think it just depends what mood I’m in haha! Huda Beauty liquid lipstick in Flirt is a great cool toned brown!! If you search dupes for it on google I think you could find some cheaper ones! Xx

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      1. Hahaha I know it’s such good quality but sooo cheap! I just wish they had a store in the UK too so we don’t have to pay customs 😭 I was tempted to buy the brow pencil, are they any good?!

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