Travel With Me – New York City


Hey guys,

Today I am bringing you my second post of my ‘Travel With Me’ series! I had always wanted to go to New York because it just looked so magical in movies and on pictures. I was lucky enough to be picked to go with my high school along with my friends. Please ignore the quality of these pictures, this was in 2014 and I didn’t have the best camera on my phone back then.

On our first day we took the subway (which was probably one of the scariest moments of my life – it is sooooooo busy) to get on a ferry to go and see the Statue of Liberty! I thought it was going to be much bigger than it was but it was still huuge.

We then went to go and explore the streets of NY and this is where I bought my first Sephora purchase! Although, I had no idea what Sephora was and just bought a new perfume as I wasn’t into makeup at this point in life. I also had my first NY pretzel that day OMG they are so amazing, why do we not have pretzel stands in the UK????

On our second day we visited the Twin Tower Memorial. The atmosphere around here was so strange, whilst walking up to the memorial all you could hear was loud traffic and noisy people, but when you arrived it was so quiet. It was so great to be able to pay our respects to all those named on the memorial.

We then went all the way up the Empire State Building which was such a great experience. The view was so breathtaking – I didn’t realise there were so many buildings in New York! Later that day we visited Grand Central Station which for me at the time was so crazy because I was absolutely obsessed with Gossip Girl and as you all know, this is basically where the show started off.

On our last day we got up really early and went to Times Square and we were allowed to go off shopping and to go and explore. It was crazy how lit up the place was with all of the signs and lights everywhere and the amount of people – oh my god. At the time there was lots of construction going on so we couldn’t really walk in the middle of times square but it was still an amazing experience.

After our dinner we went to Central Park to ice skate (little did I know at the time this was Trumps Rink ew). Nevertheless it was so fun, I am awful at ice skating and so were most of my friends so we had such a laugh trying not to fall over every 30 seconds.

For our last tea our teachers took us to Carmine’s Italian. This place is AMAZING, I’ve never tasted better Italian food in my life nor have I ever seen such a big portion of food in my life!!!!

I hope you enjoyed today’s post, let me know in the comments whether you have been to NY or want to go!


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18 thoughts on “Travel With Me – New York City

  1. I went to NYC for the first time in December of last year and now I’m obsessed with reading other people’s posts because I can be like, yeah I saw that in real life! If you could go back, what would you like to do that you didn’t go this time? xx

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    1. Did you go close to Christmas?! 😱 hahaha same or when it comes on tv I’m like I’ve been there!! I’d like to go to the Rockafella centre and explore more places like Brooklyn and more of Central Park! Xx

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      1. I actually went from the 27th to the 1st January 2018! I got to see the Rockefeller Tree which was really cool and see the Empire State from the Top of the Rock. I would have loved to explore Brooklyn more too if we had had time. xx

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      2. Aww I really wanted to see that but we went in October just before Halloween so there was no way it’d be up 😂 ah I’m so jealous! I’ll have to go again and go the rock! Xx

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  2. This post brings back so many memories! My first visit to New York was 3 years ago today, and I was there for 5 whole days. I loved exploring the Big Apple – there is so much to do! I particularly remember walking the High Line, crossing the Brooklyn Bridge in a blizzard and the super fast lift up to the viewing deck at Top Of The Rock 🙂 x

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