Bondi Sands Self Tan… ANY GOOD?


Hey guys,

Today I wanted to share with you my review of the ever so famous Bondi Sands tan and let you know… is it worth the money?

*This is NOT a paid review, I bought this myself and took it upon myself to review it*

I have been using this tanning foam (light/medium) ever since July, so for around four months altogether. When I first bought this tan I was a bit hesitant as the price is quite expensive for a tan (£14.99), well it was for me because I usually had been using instant tans that are priced at around £5/6. I had also seen many Instagram famous people doing paid promotions of this product so I thought it cant be this good if they are getting people to promote it so much.

However, when I first used this tan I FELL IN LOVE. As soon as I squirted some on my tanning mitt the smell of coconuts and a scent that reminded me of being on holiday hit me. I absolutely love the smell of coconut. This was the first great thing I noticed about this tan, it didn’t smell of that awful fake tan smell but smelt of being on holiday somewhere tropical.

As I started to massage it into my skin I realised that this actually gives you a bit of colour even though it is a developing tan. I think that this is such a great thing as you can tell where you are applying the tan and can avoid streaks or missing patches of your body which is something that you deffo don’t want to happen.

You can leave it on for as long as you want, the bottle states to leave it on for a couple of hours for a light tan or to leave it on for up to 6 hours before washing it off with water for a medium tan. I think this is so great as you can control the darkness of your tan without worrying how much you need to apply to yourself.

It has a red-ish undertone which really makes it look like an actual tan as it gives a slight (and I mean VERY slight, you can hardly notice it) ‘burnt’ affect. I really recommend this tan to anyone who wants a real and natural looking tan. They also have many other products such as a tan eraser and a darker tan.

I hope you enjoyed reading and I look forward to seeing you soon in my next post!



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