My Favourite Christmas Candles

Welcome to the sixth day of my 12 Days of Christmas series where I will be posting Christmas themed posts every day for the 12 days of Christmas!

Hey guys,

Today I am going to share with you my favourite candles to light at Christmas time! I am literally obsessed with candles whether it’s just for decoration or actually making my room smell nice, I just love them. If you’re a candle lover like me, let me know down in the comments what your favourite candle/festive candle is! P.s. all links to the candles websites are linked to the price.

* I don’t own any of these candles at the min but I have previously owned them so enjoy pics I took in the shops & from the internet

 1) Christmas Classic Trilogy – WoodWick // £19.99

I specifically love this candle because there are three sections to it each smelling of different Christmas smells, it’s like three festive candles for the price of one! The first section smells of ‘cinnamon cheer’ which is a classic Christmas smell, the second smells of ‘frasier fir’ and the third of candy cane cupcake – yum.

 2) Christmas Eve – Yankee Candle // £8.99

To me this candle smells of Christmas in a jar. The scent smells sweet and of berries and fruits guaranteed to make your whole room or home feel so festive.


 3) Linen – WoodWick // £20.24 or£18.99

This scent reminds me of my house at Christmas. Every season we buy a new candle that kind of suits the theme of that season and for the past few years my Mum has bought this candle specifically because when it burns it makes a crackling noise like a real fire would and also because it smells so fresh.

 4) All is Bright – Yankee Candle // £8.99

This candle smells so lovely, to me it smells so fresh but has a slight muskiness to it and just reminds me of cozy nights at home with the fire on and watching Christmas films when it is cold outside.


 5) Berry Trifle – Yankee Candle // £8.99

This is probably my favourite scent of them all. It smells so sweet and tangy and smells exactly like a yummy berry trifle!


I hope you enjoyed today’s post, see you tomorrow!



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