Beauty Advent Calendars – Worth it?

Welcome to the fifth day of my 12 Days of Christmas series where I will be posting Christmas themed posts every day for the 12 days of Christmas!

Hey guys,

Today I am going to share with you all of the beauty advent calendars that I have seen recently and whether I think that they’re worth it! Also, this post isn’t sponsored. All links to the products are in the prices.

Makeup Revolution / £25

I haven’t really tried many of Makeup Revolution’s products but the ones that I have tried are amazing quality for their low price. In this set you get; three baked highlighters, a bronzer, six lipsticks all in different shades, four makeup brushes, an eyeshadow primer, a liquid highlight, a travel mirror, two pressed highlighters, two strobe balms and one full size eyeshadow. Now that is a lot of things.

makeup rev

The great thing about this calendar is that you get many shades of lipsticks and highlights meaning there definitely will be a shade that you like in there and if not you can just give them to a friend! Also, there are 24 doors in this calendar which is so great for the price (reduced to £25 from £50) and normally some beauty calendars only have 12 doors.

Is it worth it? YES.

NYX / £50

If you’re a lipstick junkie you are going to love this calendar. You can get 24 lipsticks, ranging from all different shades and finishes.


I personally love the NYX lipsticks, the quality is so good for their prices. Man of these lipsticks are dupes for more high end products so if you want any expensive lipsticks and you buy this calendar, you will potentially have 24 dupes for a low price – yay.

Worth it? YES.

Look Fantastic / £79

In this calendar you get a whole load of products for £79 that are worth over £300! From watching Paula Holme’s video, it seems that you get so so so many amazing products.

Is it worth it? If you want to spend that much on an advent calendar, YES, if not, NO.

Charlotte Tilbury / £150

I’ve seen any mixed reviews about Charlotte Tilbury’s makeup but most of her products seem to work wonders. In this calendar you get 12 items as appose to 24 including; colour chameleon, eyes to mesmerise, lip lustre, matte revolution, mini full fat lashes, mini goddess skin clay, mini magic cream, mini multi-glow, mini rock ‘n’ kohl, mini supermodel body, mini take it all off and a mini wonderglow.

charl til

I don’t really like the sound of all of those ‘minis’ considering the price is £150. I understand that her products are quite expensive but £150 for over half of the products to be miniature size seems a bit ridiculous. No shade to Charlotte Tilbury but I feel as though this is a bit too expensive for the contents.

Is it worth it? NO.

I hope you enjoyed reading, see you again tomorrow!



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