Winter Clothing Haul

Welcome to the fourth day of my 12 Days of Christmas series where I will be posting Christmas themed posts every day for the 12 days of Christmas!

Hey guys,

I recently went on a belated and well needed winter shopping spree as I have absolutely no clothes that are suitable for how cold it has become recently – does anyone else think it is soooo cold this year in the UK?

Grey Bat Wing Knitted Jumper – New Look 

I’ve recently really been loving knitted jumpers, I’ve always hated them because I’m such a warm person and I always get too hot in them, but ever since moving to University I’ve been feeling so cold! (Probably because of the AWFUL heating in my room and the fact that I can’t stuff myself with food anymore). I love this because it has a high neck and so it keeps my neck warm in the cold! It’s also not too thick so I don’t find myself becoming too hot throughout the day.


Blue/Grey Soft Knitted Jumper – New Look

This jumper is soooo soft which is literally the reason I bought it. It is so comfy and keeps me so warm when I go outside in the freezing cold. I also don’t have anything of this colour and I’m trying to incorporate some colour into my wardrobe (I know this isn’t really a vibrant colour but baby steps, baby steps) because everything I own is either white, grey or black!


Knitted Bobble Hat – TopShop

I feel like a hat in the winter is such a needed and staple item in everyone’s collection. I’ve never really worn hats as I don’t think they suit me but it is way too cold to not have one this year!


Grey Sweatshirt – Topshop

I love anything that has words printed on it and anything that looks kind of retro and 90’s  which is exactly why I love this jumper. The style of the writing really reminds me of something that would be on a jumper in the 90’s and I love it.


Navy Padded Coat – Zara

I have needed a coat for SO long now but I just couldn’t bring myself to pay 50 off quid for a coat BUT I recently told myself that this year, I’d buy myself a coat. This coat keeps me soooo warm as there is fur inside the back of the coat and keeps me feeling toasty throughout the day.


USAF Hoodie – Topshop

I desperately needed a new hoodie like this as the only ones I have are from high school and they aren’t so fluffy inside anymore as they’ve been washed a million times over the last three years. This is so warm and fluffy inside, I love it!


Blue Ripped Hem Jeans – Topshop

I also really needed some new jeans and I’m loving Joni jeans at the minute. I love these jeans as they are distressed at the bottom and they’re just something different to the normal ripped jeans that I wear.


Thank you for reading, see you tomorrow!



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