The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Shanghai 2017 Rundown


Hey guys,

Today’s post is a rundown of the VS show including all of the looks I thought absolutely slayed!

I don’t know about you but I get so excited each year for the VS Fashion Show just so I can see all of the amazing and vibrant wings and accessories that they walk in paired with their amazing underwear. Unfortunately I have not watched it this year as I couldn’t find anywhere to watch it in the UK *cries* but Instagram helped keep me up to date with everything that went on.

Lets get on with talking about the show!

I absolutely love all the backstage pics purely so I can scroll through them all in envy because they all have their VS Angel silky dressing gowns on – I want one!

I love the fact that Victoria’s Secret don’t just stick their models in their underwear and shove them down the runway, they add all spectacular accessories with crazy detail to the model and make it so much fun to watch.

I’ve seen many articles floating round saying ‘Bella Hadid stole the show’ and I really think she did. Bella has such a stunning figure and looks amazing in everything she wears and everything that she does. I mean, just look at these pictures.

One Angel, Ming Xi, fell during her walk and was so ashamed saying it was “one of the hardest moments” she has had ever had to go through. She was clearly upset but I’ve never seen anyone fall whilst still looking so AMAZING at the same time. She smiled her way through it whilst looking hella good. You go girl.

The only criticism that I have of the VS Fashion Shows is that they don’t include any plus size models. I’d love to see VS making this step as it would really help empower women and rid of the stereotype that ‘skinny is beautiful’ because no matter what size you are, you are beautiful. And the fact tickets are $1,600. WHY.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed. See you soon!


** Pictures from:
VS Instagram
Bella's Instagram
Ming Xi's Instagram
VOGUE Snapchat
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