My Favourite Brushes


Hey guys,

Today I am going to share with you my favourite makeup brushes. I love seeing what other people’s favourite makeup brushes are and their opinion on them as I’m obsessed with buying them… Already have 1000 blending brushes? Not enough!


– Morphe M510 Brush

This is my favourite brush to highlight my cheekbones with, its small enough to fit on the top of my cheekbones but is large enough to actually blend the product rather than leaving a harsh line of highlight on your cheek.


– The Beauty Blender 

I know this isn’t really a brush but whatever, it’s too amazing to leave out. I love the Beauty Blender it’s such a staple in my collection and I literally could never imagine using a brush again for my foundation. It just makes my foundation look airbrushed and removes any chances of my foundation caking up.


Kat Von D Dual Ended Shade and Light Brush

This brush is so great, not only is it dual ended but it is amazingly soft and applies my face powder and contour powder beautifully. At first I had to get used to the shape of the contour brush as I had never used a brush shape like this but I soon got used to it. The brush perfectly hugs your cheeks and enables you to create an amazing contour.


Morphe R10

I love using this brush for bronzing my face up when I want a strong and pigmented bronze on my face. The bristles are so soft and enables the product to glide so easily on my cheeks and forehead!


Real Techniques Blush Brush

I also love to use this for bronzing my face, but I only use it when I want a light dust of bronze on my face. This brush is way less dense than the Morphe brush and applies the bronzer less harsh and more light and natural.



– Zoeva 224 / Luxe Defined Crease Brush 

This brush is perfect for applying transition colours or to use for some general light blending. It’s not dense at all and so allows you to easily build up the colour rather than packing lots of colour on and making it hard for yourself to blend.


– Morphe E23

I love this brush and it may quite possibly be my favourite eyeshadow brush in the world.  It is quite dense but is also so fluffy at the same time. If you have any harsh lines in your eyeshadow that you can’t get rid of, this brush will help you out. This brush will save your life.


– Zoeva 230 / Luxe Pencil Brush

This brush is great for many things. It is amazing at applying colour to under your lower lash line, deepening out the crease or adding definition to your outer v. This is one of the only pencil brushes that I have found that don’t scratch your eye when applying colour under your lower lash line and this is why I love it!



– Anistasia Beverly Hills 12 Brush

I love this brush because it is so thin and so enables you to create very precise lines to make your eyebrows look sharp and is even great to use to mimic real hairs in the front of your brows.


– Zoeva 322 / Brow Line Brush

This is a great brush to tidy up around your eyebrows with concealer. It is angled so it easily lets your create sharp lines around your brows to keep them looking fleeky.


These have been all of my favourite brushes! Comment down below what your favourites are, I’d love to know!

Thank you so much for reading, I hope to see you soon!




11 thoughts on “My Favourite Brushes

  1. Great post. I am recently finding myself mostly using a small little brush that came with Benefit’s boxed blushers. 😛
    I however still love my 217 from MAC and Real Techniques’ Expert (something) brush, the buffing one.
    Zoeva ones seem to be of really good quality, but I want to try the quality at the store and not buy them online. That’s the main reason why I’ve never purchased from them.

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    1. Aw thank you! Ooo I’ve never used any mac or benefit brushes, I’ll have to try some! Yeah it’s always a gamble getting them online, I got all the Zoeva ones in a set and I dont really like some of them but most are so good (thank god😂)! X


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