My Top 3 Favourite Liquid Lipstick Brands

Hey guys,

Today I’m going to share with you my top three liquid lipstick brands. These are my absolute favourite for lipsticks and maybe they’re your favourite too! Let me know down in the comments section what your favourite lipstick brand is!

1) Huda Beauty

I have spoken about Huda Beauty in one of my posts before but this brand is my absolute favourite liquid lipstick brand out there. Their formula is so lightweight, you literally can’t even tell that you have a lipstick on! They also don’t dry out your lips too much which is something that I absolutely hate in a lipstick, I hate the feeling of having cracked and dry lips. If it isn’t enough that their products are so lightweight they are also so pigmented! I even have to wipe some product off my applicator before applying to my lips as sometimes too much product comes off on the brush – I could literally apply lipstick to my lips AND someone else’s with just one dip into the tube! Oh and not to mention their liquid lipsticks smell absolutely amazing. My favourite shade is Flirt.

2) Kat Von D

Kat’s liquid lipsticks are in a very close second place. Her products are also so lightweight but yet so pigmented. They also last allllll day long which I love because who wants to constantly reapply their lipstick every hour? (The answer is no one). The only bad thing that I have to say about these lipsticks is that their formula dries my lips out quite a bit, but not to the extent where I want to remove it as soon as I apply it. My favourite shade of her range is Bow n Arrow.

3) NYX

The final brand in my top three is NYX. I love their liquid lipsticks – and they’re so cheap! They’re not too drying and last a decent amount of time throughout the day. They also have a range of different finishes – matte, metallic and lingerie. Another great thing about NYX liquid lipsticks is that they have so many dupes for more expensive brands:

Sandstorm (suede) – Kat Von D ‘Bow n Arrow’, Too Faced ‘Cool Girl’, Jeffree Star ‘Celebrity Skin, Dose of Colours ‘Truffle’.

Bed Time Flirt (lingerie) –  Kylie Cosmetics ‘Khlo$’, Smashbox ‘Stepping Out’

Brooklyn Thorn (suede) – Dose of Colours ‘Dessert Suede’, Coloured Raine ‘Marshmallow’, Kylie Cosmetics ‘Moon’.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed and I hope to see you back soon!

C x






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