Music That I’m Loving at the Minute

Hey guys,

I know that this isn’t beauty or fashion, but I love music and today I a going to share with you my favourite songs at the minute. I love discovering new music and listening to music that people have recommended to me so that’s what I’m doing today. Comment down below what you’re favourite songs and genre of songs are!

Antidote – Travis Scott 

I first heard this song when I went to see Drake in concert in February this year – I absolutely love Drake’s songs and have been trying to get tickets since I was 14 and I finally got them this year and I was so happy.


B***h Better Have My Money – Rihanna

This isn’t really a new song but I’m loving Rihanna at the min (by at the min I mean all my life because she is amazing).


Pick up the Phone – Young Thug & Travis Scott (ft. Quavo)

I also heard this song for the first time at Drake’s concert in February as Young Thug and Travis Scott were the support act and they were so good.


She’s Got that Vibe – R. Kelly

This is such an old song but I love R. Kelly and love R&B music (if you can’t tell already, my favourite music genres are rap and R&B)


Rockstar – Post Malone

I love Post Malone’s songs and have been loving them for around about a year and a half now. Is it just me that finds a new and not very popular singer and loves their music for a long time and gets annoyed when every one else starts listening to them? I guess it’s just me but this is how I feel towards Post Malone now hehe.


Confidence – Chris Brown

I’ve always loved Chris Brown’s music and I’ve been really excited for his new album release for a long time. He again is another artist that I have loved listening to from a young age (picture 14 year old Chloe listening to rap music and then picture my mum’s face when she found out I liked this type of music at a young age – lol).


OMG – Camila Cabello (ft. Quavo)

I guess this is the least ‘rap/R&B’ type song on this list but I really do love this song and I also love her song ‘Havana’ as well! I’m so glad she left Fifth Harmony, she has such great talent.


Thank you for reading, I know this is a bit out of my theme but I hope you enjoyed and I hope to see you back again soon!

C x


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