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Hey guys,

Since doing the Halloween Tag I’ve been searching for more tag style posts that I could join in on because I enjoyed writing it so much. Whilst on the look out for some tag style posts, I came across The Beauty Blogger Tag which fits perfectly in my style of blogging!

What is the one product that you could not go without?

I’d probably have to say an eyebrow product of some sort, preferably a pomade or a pencil. Eyebrows frame your face and I feel make you look more like you (if that makes any sense). I feel like I don’t look like myself when my eyebrows aren’t defined and it makes me look like I’ve attempted to make myself look nice.

Favourite makeup brand?

This is such a hard question to answer as I love many products from most brands but also don’t really like some products from the same brand too. I’d probably say for high end my favourite makeup brand is Too Faced as their aesthetic and packaging is sooo cute and their products themselves are also amazing. I’ve never really tried a Too Faced product that I don’t really like (apart from the Hangover Primer) and I love the fact that some of their products smell like food!

Who is your style inspiration?

My style inspiration is deffo Tina Halada who is a fellow beauty guru who is only 16 (I think) and is incredibly talented at what she does. I absolutely love everything she wears and she seems to pull off any style. Although I don’t dress like her, as I don’t have the money or places to go dressed as amazing as she does, I love her style and if I could, I’d steal all her looks.

Do you remember the first makeup product you purchased?

Yes! My first makeup product that I purchased was the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder which I used to wear by itself with no foundation (don’t ask me why because I have absolutely no idea and this concept seems absolutely obscured to me now) and I’d pile on the mascara and make myself look like I had spider legs coming from my eyeballs. Tragic.

Who is your favourite beauty blogger or YouTuber?

As I mentioned before Tina Halada is my all time favourite and it is my goal in life to basically be her but I also love Sylvia Gani’s YouTube chanel. She seems so down to earth and I love her makeup style too.

What are your top 5 makeup brands?

In no order; Too Faced, Kat Von D, Huda Beauty and NYX.

What is your top beauty tip?

Make sure to blend your makeup until you can’t blend no more. I once did not take any care in blending any of my makeup until it looked seamless but I have learned from my mistakes and hopefully I’ll never look like that again.

One random fact about yourself

I’m really into horoscopes and this picture literally sums me up.

How much do you spend on Beauty products every month?

I generally don’t buy too many beauty products a month, I’ve been collecting my collection for a few years now and receive most of my products for Christmas or birthdays as I am a student and I’m too poor to buy makeup *cries*.

Describe your perfect beauty haul

I’d buy a few shades of Makeup Forever’s HD stick foundation and absolutely everything from colourpop as I live in the UK and we can’t buy it over here without having to pay huge amounts for customs. I’d also buy everything (literally) from NYX and everything from Kiehl’s as their skincare and hair care is amazing.

How often do you wash your makeup brushes?

I’d love to say I do this more often than I actually do but it takes so long and they take so long to dry so I can’t use them the next day, so I’d say I wash them around once a month – ew.

If you had to choose to do one thing before leaving the house, would you do your hair or your makeup?

Deffo makeup. I don’t do much with my hair as it is as I am trying to refrain from using heat on my hair so I literally just brush my hair and leave the house. So yes, deffo makeup.

What advice would you give to a blogger that is just starting out?

Never give up. When nothing is going your way and you feel like you want to give up, this is when good things start to happen so push on through and NEVER give up on your passion.

Thanks so much for reading this, hope to see you again soon!

C x



2 thoughts on “The Beauty Blogger Tag

  1. Omg I used to use the rimmel pressed powder by itself too! I still use it to this day, but it’s normally over a fair amount more than my bare skin 🙂 I love your advice to new bloggers too, it’s so easy to just give up but if you truly love it, perseverance is key!

    Jamie-leigh x x x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s such a good powder isn’t it! Might have to invest again! 😁 thank you so much, I don’t have a big following myself but I’ve always been taught to never give up! Xx

      Liked by 1 person

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