Bloody Vein Makeup “Tutorial”

Hey guys,

Back again with a “tutorial”. I am obviously no makeup artist but I just wanted to show you all an easily achievable makeup look for Halloween using only two products! I saw something similar to this on Shaaanxo’s YouTube channel where she did the same but used black and white colours instead of red, so I decided to try put my own spin on it.

Before starting on my look, I first completed my base makeup (primer, foundation, concealer and powder) and also put on my brows. I wanted to make my base as flawless as possible to draw attention to the blood under my eyes.

I then just put a slight wash of colour on my eyelids using a warm orange shade and a brown shade from the Morphe 35O palette. Again, I wanted the focus to be on the blood veins so I didn’t want to put on too much eyeshadow. I added some Doll Beauty lashes in the style EVA to finish the eye off and make the look more glam.

After all of this was completed, I grabbed a small eyeliner brush and dipped it into some red eyeshadow (I used a red shade from the 35O but any red shade can be used for this). I then started to create wobbly lines coming straight from my lash line. From these initial lines I started to create smaller lines coming off them, sort of like branches on a tree, making sure to lightly brush the colour on my skin to avoid any mess and to make sure that the Vein sort of looked like it was fading as it went on. I continued until it looked similar to this…

I didn’t think this looked too realistic so I decided to use a red liquid lipstick and go over the lines to make them look more ‘bloody’. For this I used the Chanel Rouge Allure Liquid Lipstick, although you can use any red liquid lipstick. I then dipped the same eyeliner brush that I was using before into the liquid lipstick, making sure not to pick up too much product, and traced over the red eyeshadow, recreating the same process as before. I found that you don’t have to be too careful with tracing the lines as if you go off track, it looks more realistic and looks like the skin has been damaged around the blood – which is great for a Halloween look! I drew as many lines with the lipstick until I thought it looked slightly realistic (again I’m no makeup artist).

And this is the finished look…

I hope you enjoyed reading this, hope to see you again soon!

C x


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