Hey guys,

Today I wanted to talk about the one and only, the beautiful Carli Bybel and her collection with Missguided. Can I start by saying this collection is absolutely STUNNING (a word you will probably hear 100,000,000 times in this post) and I want to buy it all right now. The great thing is I am a student and have no money so I can’t be tempted to impulsively spend all of my life savings on Missguided.


Carli has created something for everyone in this collection, and I mean absolutely everyone. There are styles ranging from slouchy comfy including joggers and jumpers, every day wear and night time/glam wear. She has even added some plus sizes to her collection which I think is such a great thing as when I look at the plus size otufits on websites they never seem as good and as advertising as the smaller sized clothes, but Carli’s collection is stunning and has tailored beautiful pieces for all of those beautiful plus sized women out there.

This is one of my favourite pieces of all. I really love this stripe/racer trend that is going on right now. I think you could wear this piece for a day time look or could really dress it up for a night time look with a nice jacket and a diamond choker.  You can buy this amazing piece here. I also loooove her denim jacket that she has created and I think it would go stunningly with this piece, unfortunately it is completely sold out! Hopefully there will be a restock soon as it is beautiful.


Another trend I am really loving at the minute is the oversized jumper dress with over the knee boots, I just think it looks so autumnal and makes you look like you have really tried with your outfit when in reality you just shoved on a jumper and some boots. Miss Bybel has created two shades of this style of jumper in her collection, which may I add are some of my favourite colours for jumpers, such as a off-white nude colour and a grey colour. Also, these jumpers retail at only £25 each, which I think is amazing value. I think that these oversized jumpers can also be worn for day or night time as you could again dress it up with a diamond choker. You can purchase the grey jumper here and the nude here.


I also absolutely adore the bandeau trend. I love bandeau tops paired with high waisted pants or bandeau dresses and the collection has many of these. . This trend just looks so classy but yet so casual and I LOVE IT. My favourite pieces are the nude mini skirt paired with the nude bandeau top, the gold metallic bandeau dress and the navy blue bandeau top with the navy blue cycling shorts. There’s just something about the bandeau that just makes me want to scream inside because I really love it so much.


I saved the final and the best (in my opinion) item till last – her heels! She has created two styles; striped pointed boots and jewel wrap heels. I personally love the pointed boots the best, they just remind me of the Yeezy ‘sock boot’ and also remind me of Kim K’s style which again, I LOVE. The jewel wrap heels are so beautiful too, I have never seen a heel like it, they’re so unique and pretty. I think that her heels are so decently priced too – £50 for the boots and £45/50 for the jewel wrap heels. You can buy them here .


There are many more amazing items in her collection and I think she did an absolutely amazing job. You can view the rest of the collection here.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope to see you back again soon!

C x




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