You NEED These High End (ish) Lip Products

Hey guys,

You deffo NEED these lip products in your life that I am about to talk about – they are the absolute best at making your lips look amazing and more kissable (which is what every girl or boy wants, let’s be honest😉).

#1 – Kylie Cosmetics Lip KitCandy K $29 / £22.86<<<<<<<<
I know you’re probably sick and tired of hearing of this woman… “Kylie Jenner this, Kylie Jenner that”, I’m sure many of you have your opinions on one of the most famous women of this decade, but put those aside for just one second. Yes, I am slightly ashamed in myself that I have fallen for her makeup line but that’s because her products are SOOO GOOD! Her liquid lipsticks glide on your lips like butter and last all day, even after eating a full course meal – I kid you not! I believe that this liquid lipstick could last through a nuclear attack or even a zombie apocalypse (believe me, it’s true). Her shade Candy K is such a phenomenally stunning and universal shade of nude which you could pair with almost any eyeshadow look. If you’re looking to splurge your cash on any lip product, I believe that this is the one that you need! Even if you don’t like nude shades, she has created many shades in the past few years, ranging from nudes, to reds and even to blues! I also forgot to mention her lip liners – OH my GOD. Her lip liners are to die for! They are so smooth and buttery, making it so easy to apply. With only one stroke of the pencil you are able to create the perfect shape to suit your lips, or even over line them just like Kylie herself does. This can be purchased on Kylie’s cosmetic website – I would not advise buying it anywhere else from her own website as the formula probably will not be the same.

#2 – Huda Beauty Liquid Matte – flirt£18<<<<<<<<
These liquid lipsticks are my absolute favourite lipsticks to ever grace this earth. Huda Kattan has created the most amazing formula of a lip product I have ever had the pleasure of putting on my lips. The formula is so lightweight but yet so pigmented and not sticky at all, it doesn’t even feel like you have a lip product on. My most adored shade of her lipsticks is flirt. This colour is so stunningly beautiful and again I believe it would be perfect on any skin tone. In my opinion, the colour is very unique – it’s a warm but yet cool toned brown which is perfect for the upcoming autumn and winter weather. The shade would perfectly suit lighter skin girls and boys who could use this shade to create a bold statement or could be used on darker girls and boys as a perfect and beautiful nude. This shade is ideal for both daytime and nighttime looks – it is stunning and you definitely need it! This can be purchased in Sephora or on Cult Beauty if you are in the UK.

#3 – JouerHigh Pigment Lipgloss – Maiden Lane £17<<<<<<<<
This is the only lipgloss that I actually like, I have tried many but I feel none of them work for me and make my makeup look trashy or tacky. This obviously may not be the case for most people, but if you’ve experienced this before, I’ve got you. Jouer create many magnificent products and their high pigment glosses are exactly that. As you can tell from the name, the glosses are crazy pigmented and can even be worn alone without any lipstick or lipliner underneath. They have such a creamy texture and are definitely not the type of gloss that are soooo sticky and irritate you the WHOLE DAY. They feel like they really moisturise your lips and the pigment will last all day *obviously with a few touch ups after eating meals etc.* The shade maiden lane is a brown/nude colour which again, I believe anyone could pull off. It goes great with any shade of eyeshadow and makes your lips look amazing and plump in photographs! This is deffo a need! This can be purchased on Cult Beauty if you are in the UK.

#4 – Chanel Rouge Allure Ink Matte Liquid Lip – choquant – £28<<<<<<<<
I absolutely hate hate hate red toned lipstick on myself. I feel as if it doesn’t go with my green eyes and brown hair or my face shape. BUT this product has 100% changed my mind on opening my eyes to experiment more with red toned lipsticks. The formula is quick drying and super pigmented – you don’t even have to dip back into your tube. I understand that this is expensive for the size of the product (£28 for a lipstick that is just about larger than my thumb) but this will honestly last you such a long time because as I mentioned before you only have to dip in the tube once – and even then I find myself scraping some excess product off the applicator. The shade choquant is such a beautiful light burgundy shade and can be used to make a bold statement with the lips, drawing attention away from imperfections such as blemishes and draw the attention to your beautiful lips.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope to see you soon.

C x


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